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May 10

Cups Anchor

Posted on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 in Glassware

Outgoing anchor worms?

I tried to get rid of the anchor on my platy but they will not disappear! It is very pregnant and therefore I must be careful not to stress. I heard many people that the only effective way to get rid of them is with tweezers. It sounds very painful for me and barrberic so I do not know yet if I want to go through this. She refuses to have her babies until they disappeared and they get so big, so it waits longer, they become entangled within it and be born with messed up spines. All I know on the subject, is that I need to dip the tweezers into something palmagranets? When they saying 'its net out "what it means to leave the water or just put it in a cup? I never had to anchor I do not know what to do. Help please!

You have my sympathies to inherit this problem, but you must return to the store where you bought the fish. I agree a small fish like this may not be able to have surgery with tweezers. pomanganate potassium was the dip. All means of struggle against parasites will be very stressful to fish. This is why you must be 100% sure that you are dealing with and not to anchor something else because there are lots of fish parasites. to anchor are generally cold-water fish such as koi. The drug can be Anti - parasite, but you can use in your situation, I would like someone who knows what they are talking to see my fish. As I said when I answered your question before the store where you purchased the bear responsibility for resolving this issue before and you should back up and to them and politely but firmly ask for help. You have a right to fish health. Come, you know I'm right, right?