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May 21

Fire Casseroles

Posted on Saturday, May 21, 2011 in Glassware

Is my oven is allowed to use?

I made ​​a dish the other day and apparently much of this drop drop down the furnace around the coils. When I turned about 20 minutes ago he started a small fire on the bottom where all spills were off pan. We have the oven door closed, the fire seems to be disappearing (I guess because we are stifling). Is while the unit still be allowed to use, cooker, oven and all? It is an electric stove in passing.

It should go well. As the previous poster said, clean it up before using it again. Addition to examining the coil (and the rest of the stove for any obvious damage) to see if by chance it was damaged. It is unlikely, but if it does, it will appear melt. In such cases it is preferable to have it replaced as quickly as possible, because they tend to fail soon after. Again, it is highly unlikely.