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May 16

Fire Oval

Posted on Monday, May 16, 2011 in Glassware

Who would McChrystal to tenure his resignation, Trow decline, and the moon salute the commander in chief?

Right there in the office oval where Clinton did with the intern! If your going to get fired because of a joke in a bloody Rolling Stoned, spread it! Do it man!

McChrystal just wants to save the lives of his men and wants the world to know what a boob is the commander in chief. 1047 dead in 7 years of Bush in Afghanistan 807 died in the year and a half of Obama in Afghanistan * revised from 811 deaths written ** revised since the first written 816 are dead *** later revised since the first written 821 died **** now revised June 25 827 deaths Obama `s the number of causal are 6 times higher. At this rate Obama will be Bush `s equal to 7 years and 2 months in a few days only 44 more. Obama has sent half of the men considered by his generals, needed to win. Obama does not win. McChrystal.