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May 6

Anchor Made

Posted on Friday, May 6, 2011 in Glassware

Do you think women's sports anchor who made ​​the "lynching" comment about Tiger Woods should be fired

like the Reverend Al Sharpton has suggested? At least it was a very thoughtless thing to say, but what you say? Tiger Woods has not expressed anger about this, and the anchor is supposedly one of his friends. . Good point, true nort.And true.

Suspended yes. Fired, no. Al Sharpton is trying to stretch it into something bigger than it actually is. If you watch his interview on CNN, he says, in essence, that it does not matter what she says in context, but just because it said it means she should be fired. Don Imus got what he deserved. Why? Because his comments were specifically intended to insult other people. The anchor tried to make a joke. Any Obviously, it failed miserably. However, there is still a difference between this and maliciously. Give him a break. As for Al Sharpton, I know than playing the race card is the only thing he is going for him, but this and previous situations, the border on madness. Stop jumping on people because they made a mistake. It was not intentional, Target said it did not matter, and she will learn from him.